Twitter has shut down Vine and is also laying off 350 employees


Everything seems to be going downhill for Twitter right now and situation might be alarming for ardent Twitter users. Is it the beginning of the end? Twitter has shut down Vine – its video-sharing app that allowed people to upload 6-7-seconds videos. People are already asking, is Twitter next? Although Twitter is too big a phenomenon to be wrapped up suddenly like this when a company starts laying off employees things don’t look much bright. Twitter hasn’t just shut down Vine it is also laying off 350 of its employees mostly employed in the sales and marketing department. That’s 9% of Twitter’s workforce.

Here is the Medium blog post in which the Vine team has declared the demise of the video sharing service. The website is still going to be there, at least for the time being, and you are able to access all your videos. All your videos are still there and public links to those videos are still available. But sooner or later they are going to have to shut down the website so it is suggested that if you want, you should download all your content. Maybe you can upload your video to YouTube or somewhere else. Maintaining so much video content can be quite expensive but at least people at Vine should maintain a URL redirection service. For every direct video link, people should be able to enter an alternative link so whenever people try to visit a Vine video link they are redirected to its YouTube alternative (or whatever video hosting service member wants to use).

Twitter has been forced to shut down Vine in order to cut costs. There was no particular reason to shut it down and for its users it might be a bolt from the blues.

In the meantime, offers to buy Vine are coming from unexpected corners. Pornhub has offered to buy Vine.

The laying off is also part of cutting down Twitter’s size. Right now, if any company buys Twitter it is going to cost it almost $20 billion, which is lots of money considering nobody knows how to exactly make money off Twitter.

Here is one of the most adorable Vine videos:

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