Twitter has improved the customer service features in Direct Messages


Many companies and brands are using the Twitter Direct Messages to provide support and customer service to their customers and clients. It is a ready-made chat client especially for those customers and clients who would like to interact with in a familiar environment, without leaving their favourite social networking platform. Besides, when people post their grievances on Twitter, they can be directly approached on the same platform using Direct Messages. People who use Twitter day in and day out have this habit of immediately posting their thoughts on Twitter whether these are positive thoughts or negative thoughts. At that time it doesn’t make sense to encourage customers to approach another platform or website and then carry on the conversation. Direct Messages is a better way of addressing a problem, especially when the problem is being expressed on Twitter.

Twitter has now made available its developer API that allows businesses and brands to create custom welcome messages and canned responses to frequently asked questions and queries. According to this Venture Beat update Twitter is closely working with many social media and customer service technology providers including Assist, Audiense and Sprout Social to make it easier for brands and businesses to provide the right answers and responses to customers on Twitter.

Right now, customized welcome messages can be created only through an API, this facility is not available through the Twitter dashboard. The DM API isn’t available to every business right now. Twitter has made it available to a select few including United Airlines, Comcast, Zappos and T-Mobile.

Along with customized welcome messages, businesses and brands can also create quick replies to multiple choice answers. It’s like, you have a query and then you are given a menu of choices. From that menu you provide a particular choice and then a further list of items is presented and then finally you get the answer you’re looking for or if you don’t find the right answer, you are connected to a support executive.

It might be something like what Facebook is trying to do with Facebook Messenger or even Google Assistant within the Google instant messaging app. People can have AI-driven conversations with bots.

Twitter, it seems, has also introduced a “call to action” link or button that people can add to their websites. It allows you to directly send a direct message to your business or brand from the website rather than having to log into the Twitter website. In order to receive direct messages from your website you need to allow everybody to send you direct messages and not just your followers – you will need to change this setting in your Twitter account.

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