The Twitter 140-character-limit isn’t going anywhere

#RIPTwitter forces Twitter to postpone the change in the chronology of the timeline
#RIPTwitter forces Twitter to postpone the change in the chronology of the timeline

Ever since Jack Dorsey re-joined Twitter as CEO there have been rumours that the 140-character limit in Twitter will be revoked. You can already write an unlimited number of characters (10,000, actually) in Twitter direct messages so people were thinking that maybe even in the main timeline you will be able to type more than 140 characters. According to Tim Dorsey, “It’s staying (140 characters). It’s a good constraint for us and it allows for of-the-moment brevity.”

When the news that Twitter would be doing away with the 140-character-limit broke there was an all-out outrage on the social networking website and people even started the hashtag #RIPTwitter. Many people believe that the 140-character limit is the very essence of Twitter. This sets it apart from other social networking websites where all sorts of noises appear and distract people.

But what if you want to type more than 140 characters? There are many workarounds. This is one of the ways you can post a Twitter update more than 140 characters long. It was the technology website Re/Code that reported first that Twitter is building a new feature that would enable you to post tweets of more than 140 characters. For the time being, the 140-character-limit is staying.

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