Tumblr has introduced the Tumblr Labs feature


Tumblr now has the Tumblr Labs feature just the way you have the Labs feature in Gmail and other Google services. This Tumblr blog post says that you’ll be able to play around with the new features that Tumblr intends to incorporate into the Yahoo-owned blogging platform.

In order to be able to use the Tumblr Labs feature you just need to log into your Tumblr account, go to the Labs settings section and then turn this feature on. Once the feature is switched on you’ll be able to

  • Use different colors for different Tumblr posts
  • Add a button to your posts that shows where exactly originated the original idea (the original Tumblr blog post that initiated/started the thread)
  • Schedule multiple Tumblr posts for later, automatic publishing
  • Creating private and public Tumblr posts for group blogs

The disclaimer on the blog post says that all these features are in the experimental stage so they cannot guarantee if they will work all the time. Any time you can switch off the feature.

Do you use the Tumblr blog? Considering the sort of shaky ground Yahoo always seems to be on, I don’t feel comfortable investing so much content on the Tumblr blogging platform.

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