Have you tried Hyperlapse from Instagram?

Hyperlapse from Instagram
Hyperlapse from Instagram

Before you proceed I would like to tell you that right now, at the time of writing this (09-09-2014) the hyperlapse app from Instagram is available just for iOS devices (which means only iPhones and iPads) – just in case you feel you have wasted time reading all this while not being able to use it.

Up till now you have been using Instagram to upload your photographs to the photo sharing social network. Through Instagram you can also share your photographs on Facebook and Twitter. Now Instagram offers you an ability to create hyperlapse videos. Wondering what are these?

You must’ve seen a flower unfolding in a video that seems like a fast forward version of the whole thing. It’s like leaving your video camera near the flower for a few hours and then condensing the entire shoot in a 30-second video. Or a road journey covered in a couple of hours shown in just a 30-second video. Now you can create the same sort of hyperlapse videos from this new Instagram app.

The problem with creating conventional hyperlapse videos is that they are normally very shaky because they are made while moving around. The biggest benefit of using the Hyperlapse app from Instagram is that it stabilises the whole thing. This feature is explained in the video below:

In the Hyperlapse app once you have created the video, you can decide the playback speed between 1x and 12x.

Why would you use a hyperlapse video? Aside from just for fun, a procedure can be explained a lot faster by creating a hyperlapsed version of the video instead of playing the entire video. Suppose you want to explain a particular procedure which involves multiple steps. It will be better if these multiple steps can be explained in a fast-forwarded video without distortions and the shaky-effect.

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