You can track winter storm Jonas with Google crisis map

Track winter storm Jonas with Google crisis map
Track winter storm Jonas with Google crisis map

Different storms don’t seem to be giving any respite to America and now it’s the winter storm Jonas that is hitting the various US cities. If you live in its path, you can use Google crisis map to track its progress and know about the areas most affected by the winter storm. You can zoom in and out and click on the counties and cities to know what conditions over there are like.

Winter storm Jonas is being called one of the worst blizzards in American history. It is expected to affect more than 70 million people across 10 states in the US. States of emergency have been declared in 10 US states. People living in Washington DC will experience fierce winds and the coastal areas might also be flooded with waters.

According to the NBC 10 people have already been killed due to unpredictable weather. Washington DC was shut down on 22 January as it was expected to be covered under a record 30 inch of snow by the time Jonas passes on Sunday. Philadelphia and New York will be getting 12-18 inches of snow before the storm subsides.

When using Google crisis map to track Jonas, when you click on the affected area it brings a quick information. If you click on the title of the place, it takes you to the page dedicated to tracking weather conditions in the affected areas.

As you can see in the screenshot of the map, most of the north-east area is covered under the red zone which means lots of snow, wind and rough weather.

Whether you are in the way of winter storm Jonas or you have family members and friends living in the affected area, you can use Google crisis map to update you about the latest situation.

Here is a video of humorous take on the winter storm Jonas:

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