Tox is a non-Microsoft Skype version built by hackers

Tox is a Skype alternative that is more secure
Tox is a Skype alternative that is more secure

Ever since Edward Snowden brought to light how the NSA snoops around people’s devices and email inboxes, attempts have been made to make communications more secure. Since you cannot rely upon companies, groups like 4chan are trying to come up with their own versions of popular instant messaging and emailing platforms. The latest outcome is Tox, which is a secure alternative to Skype. Millions of people use Skype every day to exchange messages and make phone calls and your Skype activities can be easily tracked by interested parties.

The best thing about the new instant messaging and peer-to-peer calling application is that you don’t need to be a computer programmer or a tech savvy person in order to make completely secure calls and initiate text messaging conversations. It comes with “out-of-the-box, easy-to-use interface that allows you to focus on your conversations without worrying about someone getting hold of them.” It’s an ad-free, totally free source tool and you can modify it in whichever way you feel like. You can make Tox-to-Tox voice calls, exchange instant messages and even make video calls just like Skype, but in a more secure manner. Built on the “privacy goes first” agenda it gives the power of who accesses your private conversations and who doesn’t directly in your own hand. Simply because the government is powerful doesn’t mean it can invade your privacy.

Philosophically it is a good initiative and more importantly, it is coming from private citizens rather than from a company. It means software applications that are highly useful and critical can be built without software companies and two, the Internet enables people to take things in their own hands. On the darker side, if the government isn’t able to monitor communications and conversations, and if extremists, terrorists and criminals use tools like Tox to communicate, the entire purpose will be defeated.

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