A totally new Google operating system

A new Google operating system
A new Google operating system

You may very soon have a totally new Google operating system, and it will not be another version of Android. The new Google operating system may be called Fuchsia in the beginning, as explained in this GitHub update. The new operating system might be developed using Google’s in-house Dart programming language and the new operating system may use Flutter to create its UI.

It will also not be based on the Linux operating system, although almost all the operating environments built by Google so far are based on the Linux kernel, including Android, Chrome OS and even a smaller system like Chromecast. But why build a totally new operating system if Google already has Android installed on more than 1 billion devices? This Android Police post speculates that Google might be preparing for the Internet of Things and the first step is building a totally new operating system. Haven’t heard of Internet of Things yet?

Soon every gadget in the world might be connected with every other gadget, just like your PC or mobile phone. Your fridge will be connected to your oven and then both might be connected to your washing machine and your washing machine might be connected with your AC and AC might be connected with your mobile phone which is any way connected with a horde of other devices. The Internet of Things will be an interconnected world of almost every device connected with almost every device. For such an environment, an operating system will be required that can be installed and run on every device. For example, Linux cannot be easily run on embedded devices like car dashboards and GPS units. The problem with current operating systems is that it’s very difficult for them to communicate to each other. Android doesn’t find favour with iOS and both Android and iOS might not be able to communicate properly with Windows 10, and vice a versa.

The Android Police post takes you through the nitty-gritty of the various contemporary kernels available and what Google might be using to build a totally new operating system, but the basic idea is to create an operating system that can be run on any device.

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