Top 5 Trending Apps Of The Android Era


Android no doubt is the best and the most popular operating system for mobile devices. Over the years, the world has seen some of the best and the most astonishing applications coming up on this platform. With tons of android applications being developed daily, it has become more and more daunting to choose the best ones. Our device can accommodate a limited number of applications and so it becomes important for us to know, which are the apps that we must install right away. So here’s a list of the most trending and must have android apps that you need to install if you haven’t already.

  1. Whatsapp
    Whatsapp needs no introduction. This single application made millions of people buy smartphones. It has revolutionized the way we communicated over mobile devices. Whatsapp has taken over the traditional SMS packs which charged a hell lot of money. No matter what the country or state it is, you now just need an internet connection to call and message anyone, anywhere for free. All this has been made possible due to the invention of the most revolutionary and the most trending application, Whatsapp.
  2. Chrome Browser
    Chrome has ruled the desktop browser industry for years and has now arrived for mobile devices also. You can now install it on your android devices for free and browse with lightning speed. With chrome, you get an array of features such as syncing across devices, voice search, web page translation and many more. On top of that, the company claims that Chrome reduces 50% of the data usage while browsing.
  3. Shareit
    Shareit is a file transfer application that lets you transfer your photos, videos, apps and documents across multiple platforms. You can transfer over GBs of content from one mobile to another, from your mobile/tablet to you pc and even from your PCs to your mobiles. This application offers 40 times faster transfer speed than the traditional bluetooths. You can download it in your android devices for free and exchange contents across multiple platforms with a lightning speed.
  4. Nova Launcher
    Android is best known for the customization and the freedom that it offers its customers. Over time, most of us get bored with the inbuilt launcher of our mobile for various reasons and the best solution for this problem is, Nova Launcher. With this application, you can give a complete makeover to your mobile phone. From the icon packs and the wallpapers to the gestures and the scroll effects, you can customize them all with this one single app.
  5. MX Player
    If you’re someone who watches lots of movies and videos on their smartphone, this application is for you. The first and the most noticeable feature that this app offers is the ‘Kids Lock”. Kids lock is a feature through which you can lock your screen while the video is being played. So, you can now lock the screen and hand the phone to your kids without worrying about whether they might make a call by mistake.  Additionally, you can easily swipe right and left across the screen to move the video forward and backward respectively. It also lets you add subtitles to your video and customize them the way you want to.

So these were some of the most trending applications of android era which have taken over the traditional methods for better.

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