Top 3 android phones available

For those who love to have the latest devices, if you are shopping for an Android phone, there are several new models available. If you want to find the best today, these are the top 3 Android phones available, which have the latest features, design, and the best quality details, for those who want the latest and best.

Galaxy Note 5 –

The ever-popular phone is on its fifth series. With stunning camera quality, the stylus pen, ability to hand write your text messages, and an exceptionally vivid and large screen, this phone is truly something to marvel at. It features a large 2800 mah battery, a large 5.7” screen, and a multi-tasking feature, allowing you to split the screen to perform more than one task at once. And, don’t worry, there is no 6 model in the works to date, so you will have the latest Galaxy Note for a while if you choose this model.

LG V20 –

Superior video and photography capturing capabilities, dual screen creation feature, audio-phile grade hardware, and a removable battery, are a few of the design features you’re bound to appreciate with this phone. A slimmed-down shape, large 5.7” screen, easy touch capabilities, and 64 GB on slate storage, allows you to capture video and take photos to your heart’s content. A micro-SD slot also allows for added storage. It is fast, slim, and has its own distinct look that Android phone users are sure to appreciate.

Google Pixel XL –

As the name implies, the phone has a large screen size for those who love the touch functions and capabilities to be plentiful when choosing a new device. Streamlined software, a great camera, a slick user interface, and the use of gestures makes it easier for you to give the phone commands, and totally personalise it to your distinct use needs. It isn’t waterproof, but is VR ready for those who love to use the latest technologies as well. It is a bit pricey, but is surely something to marvel at, and will provide you some of the latest advances and software upgrades currently available for Android users.

Regardless of the design or look you want when choosing a new phone, there are several great models from which you can choose when buying an Android. Some new mobile phones can be very expensive, they can cost hundreds of pounds and that a lot of money to pay straight away. Luckily some catalogue companies have started to offer mobiles on finance. This is great because people can spread the cost of the expensive purchase. For those who are searching for the latest and the best which is currently available, these are a few options to contemplate before you purchase.

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