Tiny robots that can move around your body


There are tiny robots that can move around your body according to the need of the hour. They are like small variables that you can be on your clothes. Once they are stuck on your body, or rather on your clothes, they can on their own roam around freely. These tiny robots have been designed and developed by a team of researchers from MIT and Stanford. These robots are called Roavables.

A good thing about these tiny robots is that to be able to move on your body they don’t require you to wear special clothing. You can wear anything you feel like, as long as it is clothing. They have a magnetic mechanism that allows them to cling on your clothing without falling. Right now, these tiny robots can work for 45 minutes in a single charge but the good thing about these robots is that they can be charged wirelessly.

Here is the video of the tiny robots that can move around your body:

What’s the use of wearing tiny robots that can move around on your body on their own?

Some examples mentioned on this Recode link include, a group of robots assembling themselves to form a display screen to watch videos or to check email. They can form a safety light on your back when you are riding a bike. A small description on this link says that these reports can be used especially in space. Through “autonomous navigation” on the body, these tiny robots can be used for sensing, actuation and, as mentioned above, as interfaces. They can be used for on body sensing, modular displays, tactile feedback and for interactive clothing and jewelry.

Though right now it seems creepy to have tiny robots moving on your body, but right now they’re quite big. As the technology advances they will shrink in size and eventually these tiny robots will be so small that people won’t even know that you have them on your body or you have them attached on your clothes.

The immediate thought that comes to my mind is that these robots can be used to help persons with disabilities wear clothes, at least in the near future. They can help you insert your arm in the shirt sleeves. They can help you put on your pants. They can also comb your hair or put on your glasses and even brush your teeth. Waterproof tiny robots can help you take a bath. They can help put food in your mouth. At night they can tuck you in your bed.

They can monitor your health by occasionally visiting different parts of your body and sensing the overall rhythm of your body by calculating your heartbeat, BP, breathing, body heat and pulse.

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