This Gmail Chrome extension allows you to see the email domain and company logo in the subject of the message

Gmail Sender Icons extension screenshot

India’s top tech blogger Amit Agarwal has written a Google Chrome browser extension for Gmail that allows you to see the email domain and the company logo in the subject line of the message. Here is the image of how your inbox looks after you have installed the Gmail Sender Icons extension.

Gmail Sender Icons extension screenshot

This is a good extension to immediately know from where you have received the message. As you can see in the image above, the domain name and the favicon (which is mostly the logo of the company) is appended to the subject line of the message, immediately letting you know from where the email message has come.

Why would you need this extension?

As Amit explains in this blog post, sometimes you may get multiple emails from multiple people but with the same name. For example, there is a “Bob” who sends you a message from Microsoft and there is also a “Bob” who emails you from Yahoo. Without opening the email messages there is no way of finding which Bob has sent you the message. After installing this extension, you will be able to see in the subject line the company name and the logo.

Everything happens within your browser. The extension simply extracts the email address of the sender, extracts the website domain name from the email address, fetches the favicon image from the domain and then combines them and fits them in front of the subject line. Your Gmail data isn’t shared with anyone. The Gmail Sender Icons extension uses the InboxSDK library to perform various functions.

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