There is a prank video that can destroy your iPhone 7


There is a prank video out there that is destroying people’s iPhone 7 smartphones. It claims to reveal the secret to using headphone jack that is supposed to be there in the iPhone 7 once you have drilled a hole into it. More than 10 million people have watched this prank video by now.

As you may know, the latest iPhone 7 does not have the conventional 3.5 mm headphone jack port. You need to use the lighting port that comes with the iPhone and the problem with the lightning port is that right now only a headphone purchased from Apple can be used and that is very expensive. People want to use the headphones that they already have.

The prank video that is destroying people’s iPhone 7 smartphones advises people to drill a hole into the bottom of the smartphone after placing it into a vice. After drilling the whole you are supposed to find the hidden headphone port that is actually missing in the latest smartphone from Apple. People are actually believing in the video and drilling their iPhones! All those people drilling holes into their iPhone 7 smartphones don’t realise that a port is not simply a hole; it is a complete piece of machinery that interacts with the circuit of the phone.

Here is the video that advises you to drill a hole into your iPhone 7 in order to create a headphone jack port:

It’s amazing to what lengths people will go to find hacks for the technology problems they are facing. The smartphones are so fragile. Who would in his or her right mind believe that you can drill a hole into the iPhone and then find a headphone jack port? Apparently, iPhone users do.

Can people blame the video blogger who created the prank video titled “Secret hack to get headphone jack on the iPhone 7” for destroying their iPhone 7 smartphones? Not necessarily. This person has created a wide collection of such videos. For example, on his channel, there is a video titled “What happens if you microwave your iPhone 7?” and another video titled “Can the iPhone 7 survive in liquid nitrogen for five minutes?” But in their desperation to get the good old headphone jack port back, people believed in this prank video and destroyed their iPhone 7.

Whenever you come across such a video, always crosscheck. Always see the other videos the person has created. Also verify on the Internet whether other people have implemented the same solution or not and what has been their experience. Before taking out the machine and drilling a hole into the expensive iPhone 7 phone had they even bothered to check out other videos from the same video blogger, they would have immediately realised that it’s a prank video and consequently, would have stop themselves from destroying their iPhone 7 smartphones.

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