The YouTube Kids app has improved parental control


A good parental control is a big issue when you allow your kids to use mobile apps and especially when you let them watch online content like YouTube. Taking these concerns into consideration, some improved parental control features have been introduced in the YouTube Kids app so that you can control better what all your kids can watch online.

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The problem with platforms like YouTube is that once kids start browsing videos, there is no end to it. One video can lead to another and before you know, they’re watching all sorts of videos, the videos you will never like your kids to watch. One option is to keep away all the gadgets that would allow your kids to watch YouTube and other online video streaming channels. This is a good option, and a much-preferred option, but if right now this option is unavailable to you, the next best option is to have good parental control over what content your kids access.

The good thing is once you are signed in to your Google account, the parental control settings are applied across your devices. Whether your kids are accessing YouTube kids from a mobile phone, from a tablet or from a laptop or a computer, the same parental control settings will be applied.

After logging into your Google account, you can launch the YouTube Kids app and start flagging content that is inappropriate for your kids. You can block individual videos or you can block channels. Some of the prominent parental control features of the YouTube Kids app are:

  • Set video search on or off: You can allow your kids to watch only a select few videos shortlisted by you or you can let them search YouTube Kids. Most of the videos in YouTube Kids are age-appropriate but just in case you don’t want to let them have a free run, you can select individual videos for them to watch.
  • Restrict Play time: YouTube videos can be addictive, especially for kids. Once they start watching it, it is difficult to put a stop. You often have to indulge in hectic bargaining or heated exchanges and even tantrum-throws in order to stop them from watching videos. If you set the time the YouTube Kids app will automatically stop and your kids will think the app itself has stopped and you have nothing to do with it.
  • Customize video content by age: By default, there are three categories in YouTube Kids – preschool, school-age or all kids. Again, this also helps you control what sort of videos your kids watch when you are not nearby to supervise them.

Do you face similar problems with your kids when you leave them with your smartphone or tablet? Are they constantly watching videos on YouTube? Have you tried out YouTube Kids? Do share your experience in the comments below.

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