The Xiaomi Mi3 phones are literally selling like hotcakes in India

Xiaomi smartphones outselling Sampson

When the Xiaomi Mi3 sold for the first-time people bought 50,000 pieces in just 40 minutes from Flipkart back in July (in India). The second batch sold out in 5 seconds, and the latest third batch has been sold in less than 2 seconds. Why are people so crazy about this new phone that’s comparatively quite cheap and comparatively quite good-looking and rich in features and can easily compete with Nexus 5, Galaxy S4 and Xperia Z – all of them costing Rs. 40,000 plus in the Indian market.

Of course the answer lies in the last sentence of the above paragraph: it is comparatively cheap phones, you are not paying through your nose and it gives you all the features of a higher-end phone. The Indians, just like yours truly, don’t shy away from buying cheap stuff even at the cost of quality, and if you also provide quality, or at least seem to provide quality, it can be a killer combination, giving India’s population and the size of the middle-class that can easily shell out Rs. 14,000 for a good phone. Everybody wants a good phone it’s just that everybody cannot afford it. People love bigger screens. They love snazzy icons and a neat looking screen that starts dancing as soon as you touch it. They also want an interface that works smoothly instead of processing for a couple of seconds for every new application to launch. They want a good camera. They want to be able to play games and download movies. The Xiaomi range of smartphones, at least as of now, seem to be giving all that.

The only problem with the Xiaomi phones is, as I wrote in this blog post, is that your sensitive data could be sent to a remote server without you knowing it. Although the company has disabled this feature by default, shipping the phones with this feature turned on was a shady thing to do for a technology company manufacturing such better phones.

Anyway, the Mi3 model comes with Snapdragon 800, 5-inch display, 2 GB RAM and 13 megapixel camera – all these features are available in the higher-end phones.

Here is a good review of the Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone.

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