The Trusted Contacts app from Google lets you track your loved ones in the times of emergency


Google has launched a new personal safety app called Trusted Contacts that lets you share your location with loved ones. Once you have installed the app, even if your phone is off-line or if you cannot get to it, the people that you have added to your Trusted Contacts list will be able to know where you are, or whether you are moving or stationary. The app uses your GPS location or your online status to broadcast your whereabouts to friends and family members during crisis or when you are feeling unsafe.

Even if your loved ones feel that they should know where you are, they can request your status to see if you are safe. You can either respond with your location to let them know that you are fine or you can deny the request (in case you don’t want them to know where you are right now, like your spouse). If you don’t respond within five minutes the Trusted Contacts app automatically sends your location or your last recorded location if presently you are off-line.

Feeling lonely or vulnerable walking down an isolated lane? The app also allows you to walk with a virtual companion. Suppose you are walking alone and you would like to share your location with your brother. Now your brother can walk you home, virtually. He will be able to know your exact location while you walk and there will be an indicator that will show him which direction you are taking and whether you are moving or not. Once you have reached home, you can stop sharing your location.

This might be a good app to install on even your kid’s mobile phone so that you can track his or her movements. Here is more information about the Trusted Contacts app from Google.

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