The Russians didn’t hack the American computers to tamper with the election results


The internal CIA memo obtained by the Associated Press and Washington Post endorses that Russia, with full knowledge of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, hacked into US computers to leak Hillary Clinton’s emails but the former communist country had no hand in actually accessing the computers involved in elections and tampering with the final election results that declared Donald Trump the winner.

So in some manner, the Russian hacking may have had some hand in exposing Hillary Clinton and racking up public opinion against her, there was no direct involvement with the election process, as erroneously has been claimed by many news publications.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise especially when America is now getting a dose of its own medicine. In many countries America gets involved politically and economically. Even in India it is often doubted that one way or another the US has had a hand in which party comes to power. Even the Aam Aadmi Party that came to power in Delhi in 2014 allegedly gets ample support from American organisations like the Ford Foundation. Not just governments, in smaller countries even American companies can have a deciding role in the formation of governments.

The Russian hacking, if it actually happened, turned the election results in Donald Trump’s favour, as the Democratic accusations go.

Russia has of course denied the charges.

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