The popularity of Pokémon GO is on the decline


It’s been observed that the popularity of Pokémon GO is on the decline. Just a few months ago everybody seemed to be going crazy about Pokémon GO. People were being lured using Pokémon GO to isolated spots and being robbed. Some Islamic countries started banning Pokémon GO after declaring it haram. Major politicians were sighted playing Pokémon GO in the Parliament. Many countries were issuing guidelines regarding where to play and where not to play Pokémon GO to avoid accidents and other such calamities.

But right now, its popularity seems to be on the decline according to this Forbes report. The game seems to be losing its charm despite almost becoming a cult just a few months ago. According to the Forbes report, the game is appearing at the #9 spot in the App Store in the top grossing chart on iOS. It is below the evergreen Candy Crush Saga.

Although, appearing at #9 is not as bad as it may seem. Very few video games can enjoy this sport and despite being at #9 Pokémon GO is earning lots of money. And after all, it is just below Candy Crush Saga. Why the popularity of Pokémon GO might be declining is that it is not at the top as it used to be just a few months ago.

The problem with Pokémon is there is nothing much to do after you have got all the Pokémons. What you do after getting them? The game ends and there is nothing interesting to do. This is a great reason why the popularity of Pokémon GO is on the decline.

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