The new YouTube acquisition may help musicians make more money


YouTube has just purchased FameBit, a start-up that brings influencers and marketers together for promoting businesses, products, services and causes. So, if you are a famous YouTuber or an Instagrammer, you can use FameBit to find sponsors and marketing partners to make more money. If you are a musician, FameBit can help you find businesses who would like to advertise on your channel.

Here is a video that explains to you how you can market yourself using the FameBit platform:

Since it’s mostly YouTube users, especially musicians, who use FameBit to promote themselves and find the right business partners, it makes sense for you to purchase the platform so that users can use it in a better way and in a more profitable manner. Despite the buyout, according to Google, the FameBit platform will work just the way it has been working and will remain a stand-alone operation for the time being.

The YouTube acquisition is going to give a big boost to the FameBit user based – the platform already has 50,000 creators using it to get more exposure in front of prospective marketers and businesses. It seems once the FameBit platform is well integrated within the YouTube interface musicians and other YouTube creators will be able to showcase their artistic videos in a more lucid manner.

FameBit works as a middleman: often it is difficult for independent musicians uploading their music on YouTube to find music companies and sponsors. Companies and sponsors come to FameBit to find prospective musicians and artists and this is the place they can find the right mix of art and audience.


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