The New York Times crossword puzzles are available on Android now


Love solving the New York Times crossword puzzles? With the paper newspaper almost winding up you are confined to your PC/laptop or the New York Times website on your mobile phone to play the crossword puzzles. The good news is that the New York Times crossword puzzles are now available as an Android app, as reported in this Android Authority link.

The latest mobile app gives you access to the same daily puzzles that come in the New York Times newspaper but this is just a tiny part of the gargantuan benefit that you are going to get out of the app. Since it is connected to the crossword puzzles database, you can access all the crossword puzzles they have published in the past 20 years and solve them if you want to. Access to the complete database will be available through a paid subscription. Mini-puzzles can be solved for free. You can also purchase and download themed puzzle packs. For example, you can have a crossword puzzle based on animal names, or celestial bodies, or literary works, and such.

The New York Times crossword puzzle Android app is a bit on the costlier side though. The yearly subscription is $39.95 and a monthly subscription is $6.95. It’s a bit expensive for playing crossword puzzles but if you’re a big fan, especially of crossword puzzles published in the New York Times, then maybe you will have no problem spending that much money on it.

Here is the direct link to the New York Times crossword puzzle Android app.

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