The new Microsoft Selfie app for Android makes you look better


If you think your selfies suck, many choose to alter their faces with treatments such as non surgical nose jobs, but Microsoft has a new selfie app for Android that will make you look good. Although there are many filters available in almost all the major smartphone camera apps that allow you to tweak your selfie in a way you like it, the Microsoft Selfie app for Android has special inbuilt features that automatically enhance your selfie and makes you look better.

The machine learning algorithm of the Microsoft Selfie app can automatically gauge your age, gender and skin tone along with lighting and dark spots. Then you can make the selfie look better with just a single tap.

The fundamental changes are automatic but if you want to go with different filters there is a slew of filters that you can apply to the selfie.

The Microsoft Selfie app for Android doesn’t just work with your selfies and the latest photos that you take, you can even enhance the existing images on your smartphone.

The iOS version of the Microsoft Selfie app was released almost a year ago and it’s just now that it’s Android version has been released. Microsoft has taken a long time to release the Android version of the Microsoft Selfie app – the iOS version was greatly appreciated by the app users.

Since it is being pegged as a selfie app most of the time you will be using your front-facing camera to take snaps and as we all know, the front facing cameras are not as good as the rear-facing cameras so hopefully the Microsoft Selfie app has taken that into consideration and hence, has included features accordingly. As mentioned above, the app uses Microsoft’s indigenous image recognition artificial intelligence to know your gender, age, skin tone and other variables around your face and then make the changes on its own.

Who would use the Microsoft Selfie app for Android?

Since all the camera apps these days allow you to take a selfie, why would you particularly use the Microsoft Selfie app? As the title of this blog post says, this app helps you look better to people who want to enhance their selfies would definitely like to try out this selfie app. Maybe users of Instagram and Snapchat will love this app.

Some people may not like the fact that the Microsoft Selfie app automatically changes the selfies and maybe there are some settings that allow you to disable this feature. Anyway, mostly those people will be using the Microsoft Selfie app who specifically looking for this feature.

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