The new Apple iPhone 6 Plus bends when put in pocket

iPhone 6 Plus bends
iPhone 6 Plus bends

A new problem has cropped up for the recently launched Apple iPhone 6 Plus: it is so thin that it bends when people put it in their pockets. Personally I don’t see it as a design flaw, neither a product flaw, after all, if you want a thin phone the dynamics associated with that thinness will also come with it. The video embedded below was posted on YouTube by a vlogger (someone who creates and publishes video blogs rather than textual or image-related) Lewis Hilsenteger who shows that he was able to bend his 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus with his bare hands demonstrating that the large aluminium chassis has less structural stability compared to previous models.

The problem that many people are facing is that they put their iPhones in their front trousers pockets and not their hip pockets lest they accidentally sit on them and break them. But these phones when put in the front pocket bend as people move around or even sit. This Techcrunch blog post says that it isn’t just iPhone 6 Plus that bends, even the previous iPhone models like iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S had this tendency to bend. The blog post also contains a link suggesting that it’s not just Apple handsets that bend, even other handsets bend.

Well, there can be only two solutions: Such thin phones are made of materials that don’t bend and even if they bend due to the postures of the human body, they come back to their original shape immediately or people stop putting these phones in their pockets and start carrying them in pouches and bags.

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