Which is the most torrent downloaded TV show of 2015?

Game of Thrones the most torrent downloaded TV show of 2015

With its phenomenal popularity, Game of Thrones is the most torrent downloaded TV serial of 2015, especially the season finale titled Mother’s Mercy that was downloaded 14.4 million times from BitTorrent alone. It’s the fourth time the TV show has earned the dubious distinction. It’s one of the most successful TV series HBO has ever aired. The HBO programming president Michael Lombardo admitted in an interview that this overwhelming torrent-based piracy is actually a compliment of sorts and proves how popular the show has become.

This phenomenon also demonstrates the continuing appeal of genre-oriented TV shows dealing with fantasy, science fiction and super heroes. Game of Thrones revolves around the stories of multiple characters in an ancient world conniving and ruthlessly killing each other in order to get to the throne of the seven kingdoms.

The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory followed at a distance with 6.9 million torrent downloads and 4.4 million torrent downloads respectively, according to this TorrentFreak report. The same link reveals that the Game of Thrones made a record even earlier when 258,131 peers shared the same torrent files simultaneously. If you have ever used a torrent website, peers are the people who allow “leeches” to download the files residing on their computers using peer-to-peer networking.

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