The Microsoft Windows Paint tool is going through a major upgrade


Remember the Microsoft Windows Paint tool? Only junior grade school kids seem to use it during their computer classes. The Microsoft Windows Paint tool as we know it, cannot be used for serious graphic work. It is as if just because an operating system should have some basic programs people should be able to use a paint program. This is changing.

It is the latest update Microsoft has made to their Windows 10 operating system but older versions of Windows won’t be getting this change to their Paint program. If you’re running an older version of Windows then you can use a Windows 10 product key that you can find online to upgrade and get all the perks of Windows 10. Paint isn’t the most popular program that Microsoft offers but graphic designers will be keeping a close eye on this.

As you can see in this Microsoft Paint preview video, lots of 3-D features are being introduced. You can create realistic graphics using the good old Microsoft Paint.

Microsoft Windows Paint is being refurbished keeping Microsoft HoloLens in view.


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