The Google keyboard, Gboard, is available on Android now


First, the Google keyboard Gboard was for iOS. It is a great keyboard and previously I have written about it on my blog. The good news is that now the keyboard is also available on Android. So, if you have been envious of iPhone and iPad users who are able to use the Google keyboard Gboard, your days of anguish are over and now you can install the keyboard on your Android device. The only problem right now is that you need to download it as an APK file; it isn’t yet available on the Google Play Store. As I’m always cautious, there is no need to hurry and download the file unless your life depends on it; wait for the app to show up in the Google Play Store and then install it.

Like most contemporary keyboards these days, the Google keyboard gives you gesture typing or swipe typing (you glide your finger over the keyboard instead of tapping individual keys) and the ability to manage multiple dictionaries – Right now you can use three languages but later on you should be able to use more. Inserting GIFs into your messages should be easy once you have installed Gboard (I haven’t installed it yet because I am happy with my current keyboard). The search facility has been directly incorporated into the keyboard: in case you need to search something you don’t need to go to the default OS search bar or start your browser.

The Google keyboard might just be another keyboard or Google may have a bigger plan. Use it if you like playing around with different apps but otherwise, if you are currently satisfied with your current Android keyboard, no need to waste time, or at least wait until the keyboard is properly available on the Google Play Store.

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