The first Xiaomi laptop might be a MacBook clone

first laptop from Xiaomi
first laptop from Xiaomi

After almost taking over the cheap smartphone market at least in Asia, Xiaomi is about to launch its first laptop that may look like a MacBook clone, but according to rumours, it might be a lot better than the MacBook itself. Every smartphone company eventually starts making bigger tablets and then laptops, isn’t it?

The Xiaomi laptop will be 11-inch and 13-inch variants (15-inch also, depending on where you are reading). The company will be launching its first laptop on July 27, 2016 during a major announcement, along with the Redmi Note 4 mobile phone.

The first Xiaomi laptop is being built in the company’s own dedicated PC Department. Most of the Xiaomi products are based on the designs and specs of Apple devices and the same is going to be the case with the first Xiaomi laptop. Although most of the components of the first Xiaomi laptop are being built by the company itself, some components might be sourced from Samsung, another electronics company that manufactures smartphones, tablets, laptops and pretty much everything in the realm of electronics.

The first Xiaomi laptop will be powered by the Intel Core i7 6500U processor (or Core i7-4500U, depending on where you are reading about the first laptop from Xiaomi) with the speed of 2.5 GHz. It will also come with 8GB RAM and another variant of it may also have 16GB RAM. Some say it will run on Ubuntu or one of its other Linux flavours but mostly it will be running on Windows 10. It will come with a USB-C port, the latest board being used by Apple and other manufacturers.

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