The ArcaBoard hoverboard that actually hovers in the air

Hoverboard that actually hovers

The priest that delivered his Mass sermon on a hoverboard and got himself suspended for that might not had been expecting to perform miracles, there is actually a hoverboard that may seem like a miracle and let you hover in the air. The hoverboard that actually hovers in the air is called ArcaBoard and it has been developed by the ARCA Space Corporation.

The commercial hoverboards currently available in the market aren’t exactly hoverboards; they don’t hover mid-air and glide on thin air. They still use wheels. The concept of designing and creating a hoverboard that actually hovers in the air isn’t old and novel. Many companies are working on creating such a hoverboard. Here is the video of the Lexus hoverboard that’s part-concept and part-product:

The problem with the Lexus hoverbaord is that it depends on the metallic surface below (since it hovers on a magnetic field) in order to actually hover without, which is not the case with the ArcaBoard hoverboard. Although in the above video they show the Lexus hoverboard running on water too, without touching it.

Just like that Disney Robot that can climb up the walls uses propellers to press itself against the vertical surface or the wall, the ArcaBoard hoverboard hovers in the air using an upward thrust of 272 horsepower and 430 pounds using 36 high-power electric ducted fans. Obviously it requires lots of power and currently on the lighter versions of the hoverboard the battery can last for 6 minutes and for heavier riders, it may last for just 3 minutes. But right now it’s not about the amount of time the hoverboard can stay up in the air with different weights, what’s important is that it’s a working model and it works on a technology that seems real-world. The top speed limit of the ArcaBoard hoverboard is 20 km/h. It can be either controlled by the body movement of the rider or by a Bluetooth-connected iOS or Android device.

So how much does the ArcaBoard hoverboard that actually hovers cost?

A lot, for the time being. It can be more expensive than your average car. The starting retail price is $19,900. It will take 6 hours to fully charge from a regular household outlet. For quicker charging, there is an ArcaDock rapid charger that costs $4,500 and it can charge your hoverboard in 35 minutes. The delivery is expected to begin in April 2016. Would you spend so much money on a hoverboard that actually hovers in the air? Depends on how badly you want to hover rather than skate using wheels.

Here’s the video of the ArcaBoard hoverboard hovering in the air with an actual person atop.

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