The Amazon Go store won’t require the checkout counter lines


The biggest nagging problem when you visit a grocery store is having to stand in the checkout counter line. Sometimes one has to spend 20-30 minutes standing in queue to make the payment and head out even for a small purchase.

In Amazon Go retail stores standing in the checkout counter lines is going to be history. You simply enter the store, swipe your phone over the screen at the entrance, pick up the stuff you want to buy, and walk out. It’s that simple. The payment will be automatically deducted from your Amazon account. The store will have an embedded technology that will automatically add the items you pick up from the shelf. You will be connected to the mechanism of the store through the app called Amazon Go running on your mobile phone.

Here is a video describing the entire process of shopping at the Amazon Go store without standing at the checkout counter queues.

The patented technology is called “Just Walk Out” and it works with a mobile app. The first of its kind story will be first opened in Seattle in 2017. It will be a grocery store of roughly 1800 ft.² of retail space. The Amazon Go stone will be using the same technology used in self-driving cars: computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning.

The software-hardware combo will track when you take items off the shelf or when you put them back (in case you change your mind) and the listing will be automatically adjusted in your virtual shopping cart. When you exit the store, the amount will be automatically deducted from your Amazon account using the default payment method and you will also be sent a receipt.

What all will you be able to buy from the Amazon Go store?

This is what Amazon has to say about what all it will be selling the beginning:

We offer delicious ready-to-eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options made fresh every day by our on-site chefs and favorite local kitchens and bakeries. Our selection of grocery essentials ranges from staples like bread and milk to artisan cheeses and locally made chocolates. You’ll find well-known brands we love, plus special finds we’re excited to introduce to customers. For a quick home-cooked dinner, pick up one of our chef-designed Amazon Meal Kits, with all the ingredients you need to make a meal for two in about 30 minutes.

How will Amazon Go work?

According to the patent filed by Amazon:

[W]hen the customer passes through the exit (transition area) of the retail location, the items picked by the user may be automatically transitioned from the materials handling facility to the user and the user may be charged a fee for the items. … For example, if the user is purchasing items from a retail location, rather than the user having to stop and ‘check out’ with a cashier, teller or automated check station, because the picked items are already known and identified on an item identifier list associated with the user, the user may simply exit the retail location with the items. The exit of the user will be detected and, as the user passes through the exit (transition area), the user, without having to stop or otherwise be delayed, will automatically be charged a fee for the items (the items are transitioned to the user).

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