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The new Slack TV commercial is called “Animals” due to obvious reasons – it has lots of cute and furry animals using the Slack chat application to interact with other animals. The ad video depicts an office, something like “Detroit can build”, and the boss, obviously a lion, wants to build a flying umbrella that people don’t have to wrestle with while walking in the rain.

Diversity is a big thing in the offices today, especially in the tech world, and who can represent diversity more than the animal world where every animal is different from the other? So you have a beaver chewing on a pencil and a sloth taking its own good time to tap on the keyboard and a prawn using its multifarious limbs to work on a design and is a seemingly lady owl brainstorming on the design on an iPad. Basically, the commercial shows that different people of different working habits situated at different locations using different devices can work on the same project at the same time and work wonders. Have a look at the video of the cute Slack commercial with animals.

Slack is a collaboration tool that has grown tremendously within a few years. It’s a chat application but rather than handling customer queries, it enables the employees of a company to interact with each other, reducing the time spent of emails and meetings.

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