The 10 most addictive mobile apps

Most addictive mobile apps

Again, the original Survey Monkey link that reviews the 50 most addictive mobile apps, but I prefer to focus on just the top 10 for the purpose of brevity. So the 10 most addictive mobile apps are these:

10. Instagram – 4.5 days a week
9. YAHTZEE With Buddies – 4.5 days a week
8. Covet Fashion – 4.6 days a week
7. Words with Friends – 4.6 days a week
6. Timeshop – 4.7 days a week
5. Lose It! – 4.8 days a week
4. 360 Security – 4.9 days a week
3. Snapchat – 5.0 days a week
2. Power Battery – 5.1 days a week
1. Facebook – 5.8 days a week

Predictably, it’s the Facebook that is the most addictive mobile app as per this list, but strangely, Twitter doesn’t appear in this list of the 10 most addictive mobile apps. Here is the infographic if you want to have a complete look at the 50 most addictive mobile apps without going to the original link.

op-50 -most-addictive-mobile-apps

Weirdly, Twitter doesn’t even exist in the 50 most addictive mobile apps list, forget about the 10 most addictive mobile apps!

You might not have even heard of some of the apps that have been listed in the 10 or 50 most addictive mobile apps. The audience must be Survey Monkey-specific. But one thing is right, the basic trait of the most addictive mobile apps is their ability to entertain, draw teens and continuously update with fresh content.

Also, it isn’t very clear what they mean by “addictive”. Frequently using an app doesn’t mean that you are addicted to it. For example, take the Gmail app. If you are managing your business email with the Gmail app and since you need to check your email frequently, it doesn’t mean that you are addicted to your Gmail app. So the most apt title would have been the 50 most active mobile apps.

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