Talkshow is an app that allows you to publicly broadcast text chat events

Broadcast text chat with Talkshow
Broadcast text chat with Talkshow

Text chatting is normally a private affair but here is an app called Talkshow that allows you to publicly broadcast your text chat event. Right now the app is available just for iOS users.

Now why would you publicly broadcast your text chat event? It’s like Twitter chats (controlled by a common #hashtag) but the problem with Twitter chats is everybody can participate with a Twitter account and soon things can turn ugly. This will not be the case when you broadcast your text chat events with the Talkshow app.

Although people who follow you will be able to view your text chat event, they will only be able to participate if they have been invited.

Is there really a demand for an app like Talkshow that allows you to publicly broadcast your text chats? Seemingly there is. People are often seen taking screenshots of the chat conversations that they have had with different individuals and then posting those screenshots on publicly accessible social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. They want to share the experience they had while having a chat conversation with someone.

This trend must have dominated the idea of creating an interface that allows you to hold chat events that can be viewed by the public at large without the nasty interface that Twitter brings.

The conversations within the Talkshow will be organized under various “shows”. If you want to view a particular show you got to be following one of the participants. If you want to participate in a particular text chat show, you need an invitation. If you have your own Talkshow account then of course you can create your own show and invite people to participate.

What happens when you have created a show in Talkshow? After you have created the show, it’s pretty much normal. You simply start having the text chat with the participants. You can start broadcasting your chat talk show the moment you start interacting with the participants.

Although it is primarily centred around text chatting, you can also post pictures, emojis and gifs.

What if one of the participants is being a real jerk? You can boot them out if you don’t like them. After all it is your chat show and you can decide who can participate and who cannot.

Is the Talkshow app that allows you to broadcast your text chat events going catch on? It depends on the quality of chat shows. When Twitter was launched people used to wonder what the heck it is, but right now it is one of the biggest social networking platforms. Maybe the same can happen with Talkshow?

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