Systweak Android Cleaner Detailed Review

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A lot of unnecessary files in the form of junk files, duplicate files and other obsolete files and apps occupy a lot of storage space on your device. These files accumulate in large numbers over time affecting your device speed and performance. To deal with it, you can perform manual cleaning of your device or you can look for Android cleaner apps for faster results.

Systweak Android Cleaner is one such effective Android cleaner app which offers reliable and instant results.

systweak launcher screen


Home Page: You can find all the features of the app on the homepage of it. You can click on any given function to perform a respective task like click on RAM used the button to release RAM, click on Storage Used the option to open file explorer etc. You can view the battery stats and other information as well.

systweak main screen

Junk files: You can find all the junk files on your device under this head into various folders. You can click on any folder to manage files in it.

systweak junk files screen

Duplicate files: This is a useful addition to finding all duplicate files on your device. You can find all duplicate files in your device in the auto-mark format in groups here. Last file (s) of the group remain marked to be deleted in results. You can change it to “Mark All except last” to select the first file (s) to be deleted. You can also select “unmark All” option to manually select the files.

systweak duplicate files screen

Under “Unmark Shortest File Location” option you can unmark those files which exist at shortest file location on your device storage thus avoiding deletion. It will help you fast file retrieval.

Hibernate: Hibernate mode helps you keep your unnecessary apps in hibernate mode on your device. You can put a system or user apps to hibernate mode and restore them anytime you want.

systweak hibernate apps screen

File Explorer: You can manage all your files and folders under this head. You can view the files, backup or delete them instantly. It displays all the files and folders on your device and space occupied by them.

systweak file Explorer screen

App Manager: You can find information about all the apps on your device and space occupied by them under this head. You can archive the apps or simply delete them. It stores installation file of the archived app so that you can restore app easily again in the future.

systweak app manager screen

Game SpeedUp: This useful feature helps you turn your device into dedicated gaming platform. It will stop all unnecessary apps and services running in the background to provide additional RAM to play your favorite game.

systweak game speed up screen

Battery Saver: It displays all the information related to your battery including those functions which cause battery drain. You can click on TURN BATTERY SAVER ON button to instantly stop all these battery draining functions.

systweak battery saver screen

Cloud Backup: You can select any files or folders from your device to take backup on Cloud servers using this function. It offers abundant cloud storage space to keep your data safe.

Systweak Settings

Notification: Use this function to turn ON/OFF notifications from the app.

Auto Cleaning: Use this function to set auto-cleaning time for your device.

Ignore list: Use this function to add or remove any app to Ignore list to avoid scanning of it.

Language: Select language of your choice to perform tasks on this app.

Themes: You can select the theme of your choice from multiple user-friendly themes.

If you want to keep your device performance intact, you can look for a perfect Android cleaner like this app. It offers all latest features to clean your device for a seamless experience. Its additional features like duplicate file remover, game booster, battery saver, cloud backup functions etc. make it a perfect deal. We highly recommend this app to users around the world.

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  1. Interesting Android Cleaner app. I like the feature of duplicate files detection hibernate, and auto cleaning. Most other cleaner software doesn’t have such features. I think I am going to install it on my Moto E3 Power.

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