Swipe keyboards now available for iOS 8

New SwiftKey keyboard will AutoCorrect multiple words
SwiftKey swipe keyboard for iOS 8

The biggest problem I faced using Apple products like iPhone and iPad was the lack of custom keyboards. I’m so used to using the swipe keyboard that can be easily installed on an Android device. Although the selection of apps available for Android devices is a lot more compared to the ones available for iPhone and iPad, this was the only reason why I never got down to using the iPad. iOS 8 may change that.

In iOS 8 you can install third-party keyboards and the only reason to install a third-party keyboard is to be able to use a swipe keyboard. In a swipe keyboard you simply put your finger on the first alphabet of the word and then you slide to the next alphabet instead of tapping individual alphabets. This way you can type a lot faster. Once you have gotten used to it, it is very difficult to use another keyboard.

If you want to use a swipe keyboard on your iPad or iPhone, the first choice should be Swype from Nuance. It was Nuance that first introduced the concept of a swipe keyboard that was later on copied by practically every other swipe-enabled keyboard. Initially when I tried it – about a year ago – somehow I wasn’t much impressed especially compared to SwiftKey and TouchPal, but these days I don’t know why I have been having some problems with SwiftKey so again I started using Swype which seems to have improved a lot. So if you want to install a swipe keyboard on your latest iOS 8 upgrade, this is the keyboard you should start with.

Then of course you also have SwiftKey which is among the best and they were also the first ones to have an iOS version.

Here is a nice list of keyboards that you can install on your iPhone or iPad provided you have upgraded to iOS 8.

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