The SwiftKey keyboard will now be available for your iPhone and iPad

SwiftKey keyboard coming to iOS 8
SwiftKey keyboard coming to iOS 8

The iOS 8 update will have something the iPhone and iPad users have been waiting for long and the Android users have had it like, forever – the ability to use a different keyboard. In this new operating system release from Apple, you will be able to use custom keywords rather than the drab keyboard supplied with the default installation. And since you will be able to change your keyboard, one of the first companies to provide a keyboard for iOS 8 is SwiftKey.

What’s great about SwiftKey? If you have used it, you wouldn’t ask this question, and if you haven’t used it, you’re going to love it. Do you know that there are many swipe keyboards available to Android users? Here is a video from the official SwiftKey YouTube channel that explains exactly how such a keyboard works.

Yes, if you have been using the default iPhone and iPad keyboards you must be feeling quite primitive after seeing this video. There is no need to worry once iOS 8 is available to download and install because after you have done that, you will be able to use the SwiftKey keyboard on your own device.

Tapping on a keyboard takes lots of time but with the SwiftKey keyboard, once your finger is on the keyboard it simply has to slide from one alphabet to another. With the new versions you don’t even have to pick your finger to press the spacebar – you can simply slide to the spacebar and then move onto the next word. By typing like this, you can increase your typing speed by three or four times.

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