SwiftKey is coming up with multi-word auto correct

New SwiftKey keyboard will AutoCorrect multiple words
New SwiftKey keyboard will AutoCorrect multiple words

If you thought the auto correct feature in your mobile phone keyboard was a nuisance, there is more for you. Not just single words, the SwiftKey keyboard wants to auto correct multiple words based on what you have been writing so far.

AutoCorrect is a standard feature in all digital keyboards.

In case you don’t know what is SwiftKey it is one of the most popular keyboard apps. Initially it was just available on Android but now it is also available on iOS.

In order to make typing fast mobile phone keyboards use the AutoCorrect feature. This means, when you misspell, the words are auto corrected and the right words are inserted automatically. This feature can be great if you use standard English expressions (or expressions in the default language of your keyboard). But if you are not using standard expressions, AutoCorrect can be a big nuisance. But of course it depends on your preference. I normally keep AutoCorrect switched off because I prefer to know what I’m typing and normally I’m very careful about what my digital keyboard is typing. I use the stock Google Keyboard. I have tried SwiftKey for some time but it isn’t as accurate as Google Keyboard when it comes to swipe typing. Again, that might be my personal thing.

SwiftKey is introducing a new keyboard that is called “Clarity”. The keyboard is in an experimental stage. What it does is, instead of auto correcting individual words, it can AutoCorrect multiple words. Like, it can AutoCorrect phrases instead of words. For example, if you type, “I am doing too” and if the SwiftKey AutoCorrect thinks that you actually mean to type “I am going too”, it is going to replace “I am doing too” with “I am going too”.

You can read more about the new Clarity keyboard from SwiftKey in this TechCrunch blog post.

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