Surprisingly, the Microsoft chatbot platform is more popular than the Facebook chatbot platform


Reportedly,  more than 45,000 developers are creating chatbots on the Microsoft chatbot platform whereas just 34,000 developers are building chatbots on the Facebook Messenger chatbot platform, according to this Venture Beat update. The reason might be because the Microsoft chatbot framework allows developers to create responsive, machine-learning programs not just for Skype (for which Microsoft is aiming  for a chatbot ecosystem) but also for Facebook Messenger and other instant messaging platforms. The figures of 45,000 and 34,000 were confirmed by the Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and the Facebook Messenger VP David Marcus respectively.

Both Microsoft and Facebook Messenger  started offering their platforms to developers to build chatbots to create intelligent and responsive interfaces within the instant messaging clients and in the beginning both the platforms enjoyed attention from around 20,000 developers. But in between, Microsoft gained an edge due to its versatility and moved ahead of the Facebook Messenger chatbot platform environment.

According to Satya, “A key characteristic of the Microsoft Bot Framework is its openness. We are taking an approach where any bot you build is not captive to any one conversational canvas. It’s available everywhere.”

He further added, “Pretty much everyone today is building applications, whether they be mobile apps or desktop apps or websites, will build bots as the new interface.”

While both Microsoft and Facebook are taking big leaps in the realm of building chatbot development platforms, Google hasn’t been sitting idle. Recently it acquired, a bot-building platform that allows developers to make bots for multiple platforms and it is currently being used by more than 60,000 developers.

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