Which is the strongest material in the world? It’s no longer diamond

Carbyne the strongest material in the world
Carbyne the strongest material in the world

Scientists have created a material that is stronger than diamond and hence, is now world’s strongest material. This “wonder substance” is called carbyne. It is 40 times stronger than diamond and twice as strong as graphene.

Time and again different scientists have claimed to have created one or another strongest material in the world but a good thing about the creation of carbyne is that now it can be mass produced and hence, can be used for practical purposes. In fact, the team of scientists that has developed this carbon-based material claims that it is going to revolutionise electronics and manufacturing.

The material carbyne has existed as a concept for more than 100 years. Its existence was proposed in 1885 for the first time by Adolf von Baeyer but he had said that it would be of no use due to its extreme instability. Carbyne is one-dimensional form of carbon. It is made of infinitely long carbon chains and the mechanical properties surpass those of diamond and graphene. But so far these chains of carbon haven’t been of any practical use because they are highly unstable.

Now the scientists have created a stable ultra-long carbon chain of 6400 atoms. In order to make this carbon chain stable, researchers have used a double-walled carbon nanotube to create stable carbon chains of record-breaking lengths. The double-walled carbon nanotubes were made by rolling two layers of graphene. Then the ultra-long carbon chains were grown inside these nanotubes. This process of encapsulating the carbyne atoms within the graphene nanotubes allowed the scientists to create carbon chains more than 50 times longer than the previous record. The previous record was just 100 carbon atoms.

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