Street view in Japan from the perspective of a cat

street view-from-cats-perspective
street view-from-cats-perspective

Up till now you must have used Google Street view in which the camera is normally mounted atop a moving car. I’m pretty sure sometimes you wonder what the world looks like if you prowl it like a cat and this is what cat street view intends to help you experience. You can roam the streets of a Hiroshima town as a cat, or at least, from the perspective of a cat.

This is the link that allows you to roam the streets of Onomichi, a small town in Japan’s Hiroshima prefecture.

Just like the Google Street view the cat street view from Japan is limited by its reach. You cannot go anywhere you feel like. For example, you cannot enter alleys randomly and you cannot climb over the walls or jump off a terrace. You also cannot get into fights with other cats or enjoy the excitement of being chased by a dog. There are also special effects. You can hear a cat meowing while you enjoy various views from the level of a cat.

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