How to stop YouTube music from using your mobile data bandwidth

save mobile-data-bandwidth-youtube
save mobile-data-bandwidth-youtube

Listening to YouTube music on the go can be fun but it can also be expensive if you use your mobile data bandwidth to play music or watch videos. There are many apps known to burn out your battery and use up your mobile data. Here is a list of worst apps for your phone’s battery, data and memory.

But you can’t stop using these apps. For example, you cannot stop listening to music, or in the case of the above link, you can’t stop using Facebook (unless you actually want to). So how do you stop YouTube music from using up or totally draining out your mobile data bandwidth?

You can set YouTube music to stream video and music using only Wi-Fi network. This way, although you won’t be able to enjoy your favourite music on YouTube music, at least you will save your mobile data bandwidth from being completely used up.

Just go to the settings (normally three horizontal lines under each other) and from there you can choose the option “Wi-Fi only”.

In fact, you can do the same with the normal YouTube app. HD videos normally take up lots of mobile data bandwidth. You can tell YouTube to show you HD videos only when there is a Wi-Fi connection. These settings can save you lots of money.

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