Step-by-step instructions on how to use the Identical Files Finder Android app

Identical Files Finder Android App
Identical Files Finder Android App

The main idea was to have a very small size application (apk size is ~1.5MB) so that you don’t waste much space on your mobile phone or mobile device.

Also the application can be moved to external SD card, to save space of internal phone/tablet storage.

It works for all Android v4.0+ phone and tablet devices.

Listed below are step-by-step instructions on how to use the Identical Files Finder Android app.

Step 0

Only if you have Android v6.0+ .

Allow Read/Write access on storage devices.

First you have to allow access to READ/WRITE photo, media and files.

For older versions of Android it is done/asked when you install the applications.

identical files Finder allow access screen

Step 1

Select storage Disks, and filter search by files size…

Here we select the disks we want to scan, and also filter the files by size. If no minimum and maximum size are set, all the files will be searched.

identical files Finder select storage disk

Step 2

Create groups of files having the same size.

Start to scan every selected disk and builds groups with files having the same size.

Identical files Finder group files by size


Step 3

Progress status.

No action is required for this step. It just shows you the progress status.

Info about total number of groups having files of the same size, how many files we have in the current group, size of each file in the current group.

Identical files Finder – progress status

Step 4

Select files to be deleted.

Select files that we want to delete. For each group where we have selected at least one file, the color associated with the group will change.

We can sort the groups by files’ size or by number of files in group ; both are in ascending order.

We can unselect or select all files.

When we decided what files we want to delete, just press DELETE button.

Identical Files Finder selecting files to delete

Step 5

Confirm files to be deleted.

Confirm that this is the list of files that we want to delete. Info related to the number of files and the total disk size that will be freed are provided.

Identical Files Finder – confirming file deletion

Step 6

Only for Android v4.4.* (KitKat)

Files from external SD card cannot be deleted.

On android version v4.4.* applications are not allowed to write/deleted in other folders except the folder associated with respective applications. So, we can not delete any file stored here. The list with such files are provided, and they have to be deleted connecting the phone as storage.

Identical Files Finder – files cannot be deleted on SD card
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