Have you started using third-party keyboards with iOS 8?

Third-party keyboards for iOS 8
Third-party keyboards for iOS 8

One of the greatest features flaunted by Apple while introducing iOS 8 to the world was the ability to use the keyboard of your preference rather than reconciling to the proprietary keyboard that comes with the Apple operating system whether you’re using an iPhone or an iPad. So, many people must have installed iOS 8 simply to use a different keyboard, as they must have seen how flawlessly Android users use their cool swipe keyboards. So have you tried one of the keyboards available for iOS 8 or are you still wondering which one to use? This blog post reviews 3 third-party keyboards that you can use with your latest iOS 8 upgrade.

Another blog post gives you a glimpse of 5 Best iOS 8 keyboards that you can try out to make up your mind. It also tells you how to install and activate a new keyboard on your iPhone or iPad.

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