Spotify will show the song lyrics as you play the song

Shows Song lyrics as you play songs on Spotify
Shows Song lyrics as you play songs on Spotify

Everybody loves music but often, when it comes to songs, it is difficult to understand the lyrics, especially when the language in which the song is being sung is not your first language. Even though you don’t understand the language, you love the music and you know that whatever is being conveyed through the song, is worth understanding. To make it easier for people from all over the world to understand cross-border music, the music streaming service Spotify is incorporating a feature that will show the song lyrics as you play the song.

Song lyrics are not just enjoyable to people who find it difficult to understand the language, they are also useful to people who would like to sing along but don’t know the lyrics.

Spotify is collaborating with Genius that claims to be the world’s biggest collection of song lyrics and crowdsourced musical knowledge. The two services together will show the song lyrics as you play the song.

Just to play around with the idea they have created a special playlist of rap songs titled “Behind the Lyrics: Hip Hop”. When you select the playlist and play one of its songs, the lyrics are displayed and the text is highlighted in yellow as the song is played. If you are trying to understand the meaning of your favourite song’s lyrics, here are some tips to song lyric interpretation.

The new feature will be called “Fact Tracks” and currently it will be available on iOS. Fact Track will be coming to Android soon.

Even previously Spotify had partnered with another online song lyrics catalog Musixmatch but that was purely lyrics. With Genius it will also be bringing annotations and extra information regarding the songs, mostly submitted by fans. With every song there will be lots of background information regarding the music and the lyrics.

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