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Calling the next iPhone, iPhone 8, is just a matter of convenience otherwise it hasn’t yet been decided what Apple is going to call its next phone. But that’s beside the point. The next iPhone is long way from seeing the light of the day but speculations have already started appearing all over the Internet what features the new iPhone 8 is going to have. Saying this though, some Apple fans may not be far from doing a quick search into something like Sell My Phone, just so they are prepared for when the iPhone 8 eventually drops, as we can all agree that it may not be the cheapest of phones to buy.

The iPhone 7 did quite well despite the missing headphone jack and many are attributing its exceptional success to the global recalling of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 because it started catching fire. Since both iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 were launched almost simultaneously, Samsung’s loss was Apple’s gain.

But with iPhone 8 Apple may have to sell the device solely based on its strength rather than the competing phone vanishing off the shelves. With iPhone 8 Apple is expected to introduce many features that already exist in higher-end smartphones as well as some totally new features.

There were already many salient features in iPhone 7 like water resistance, a good battery, great cameras, but these were all, as pointed out by this CNET take on the rumours about the upcoming iPhone 8, incremental changes. Nothing new, aside from removing the headphone jack, was introduced in terms of features and design.

The iPhone 8 may have a curved screen just like Galaxy S7 Edge. Just like many other smartphones these days, Apple may also decide to do away with the bezel around the screen.

Apple is also working with a patented technology to make different parts of the smartphone touch-sensitive so that more commands can be incorporated into the interface without having to touch the screen. The video in the above-linked CNET article says Apple has instructed its suppliers to create thinner screens with better resolution than available in Samsung smartphones. The iPhone 8 device will have the AMOLED screen which is thinner, lighter, more flexible and more power efficient.

You may also be able to charge your iPhone 8 wirelessly.

According to various bits of leaked information, iPhone 8 will be released in three versions and the premium version of iPhone 8 will have a 5.8-inch OLED display panel. But the entire area may not be available for carrying out screen operations. A small portion of this area may be used for the curved or wraparound display.

The other two models may be LCD iPhones with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screen sizes similar to iPhone 7. A MacRumors report says:

We predict OLED iPhone will be 5.1-5.2″, despite various market speculation. In terms of the display size of the OLED iPhone, current information from the upstream points to 5.8″, while that from the downstream points to 5″, which does not conflict, in our view. We predict OLED iPhone will adopt a 5.7-5.8″ flexible OLED panel (with Samsung (KR) as the exclusive supplier). Nonetheless, for ‘specific design purposes’, the actual active area may be around 5.1-5.2″. Other than the OLED model, we expect Apple to launch new 4.7″ and 5.5″ TFT-LCD iPhone models.

Some major features in the upcoming iPhone 8 according to the above Mac Rumors link include:

  • OLED display
  • Faster A11 processor
  • Glass body
  • Edge-to-edge display
  • Camera and Touch ID integrated in display
  • No Home button
  • Wireless charging
  • Three models – One OLED, two standard
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