Solar energy is becoming the cheapest energy in the world


Since 2010, the cost of producing solar energy in countries like China, India and Brazil has come down to one third of its price, according to this Fortune report. In terms of low production cost, it has surpassed wind energy and in many cases, it is also surpassing coal and gas. Therefore, solar energy is fast becoming the cheapest energy in the world. Solar power in the United States is starting to see a revolution of its own. With the solar monitoring systems seen here, there is no telling how impactful this could be on the energy industry. Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) recently reported that solar power has entered “the era of undercutting” fossil fuels. This is why a lot more people are investing in getting solar energy. Some people are even using things like these Deep Cycle AGM Solar Batteries to help them make the most of their solar energy. If you are interested in getting your own solar panels though, then it’s really easy to do so. You can just go to a website like to help you get what you want.

2016 has experienced a remarkable fall in the price of electricity from solar energy, says the Bloomberg report. The company cited a $64 per megawatt per hour contract in India and $29.10 per megawatt per hour contract in Chile – about 50% less price than producing electricity from coal.

The world’s largest solar power plant has been installed in Tamil Nadu in India.

With vast regions of sunshine countries like India can become major suppliers of solar power. Furthermore, thanks to developments in Solar Power Forecasting software, there are now more ways of harnessing solar power than ever before. In fact, there is so much solar power availability in India that eventually the cost of producing and distributing solar power may come down to as low as free, although we are a long way from achieving that.

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