Is there a smartwatch for kids? Xiaomi has one


While we are trying to wean away our kids from technology, there are many gadgets we would prefer our children to have. Recently someone asked me is there a smartwatch for kids that a kid can wear without the risk of losing it?

Why would you look for a smartwatch for kids? There are many reasons:

  • Your kid can use the smartwatch to make and receive calls– taking care of a conventional phone becomes a problem for a kid and kids tend to lose phones easier compared to adults.
  • You can track your kid’s movements. If your kid is wearing a smart watch you can keep track of his or her movements.
  • A smartwatch can even tell you if your kid is sleeping or simply tossing around in the bed or worse, watching cartoons or playing games on his or her iPad.

So yes, I don’t like the idea of my kid spending lots of time with a smartphone or tablet, when it comes to having a smartwatch for my kid, I’m all for it.

Xiaomi has just launched a low-cost smartwatch for kids according to this Engadget update. It is called “Mituwatch” and it costs merely $46. In India it costs Rs. 3067. It supports voice calling and it alerts you when your kid walks out of the limited area.

Another great thing is, the Xiaomi smartwatch for kids has an SOS button which your kid can press as soon as there is an emergency. Pressing the SOS button immediately sends the current location of your kid to your mobile phone.

The Xiaomi smartwatch for kids was expected to be launched in the second half of 2016 but the company has surprised everybody by launching a smartwatch ahead of time. Right now the smartwatch is on sale in China.

Xiaomi claims that the smartwatch for kids carries no risk of radiation. It features FDA-approved silicon straps and sports an LED dot matrix display. It comes with a built-in smartwatch gps system that helps you track the movements of your kid. The 300mAH battery inside the smartwatch is supposed to last up to 6 days once fully charged.

Being a smartwatch for kids it weighs only 30 grams.

It comes with Wi-Fi, GLONASS and Bluetooth 4.0. It should be compatible with a smartphone running Android 4.2 and above and iOS 8 and above.

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