Smartphones and other mobile devices in the bedroom can disturb the sleeping pattern of your kids


smartphones-in-the-bedroom-can-cause-disturbance-in-sleeping-pattern-of-your-kidsSmartphones and other mobile devices are becoming ubiquitous – they are everywhere and they have become such an integral part of our lives that sometimes we don’t even realise that they are always around. A new study has found that smartphones and other mobile devices in the bedroom can disturb the sleeping pattern of your kids.

It has already been proven that constant exposure to the glow that is emitted by your smartphone screen can disturb your circadian cycle because the same blue light that is emitted by your smartphone screen is also emitted by the sun during the day and this light tells our body and brain that we need to stay awake. In pre-TV and pre-smartphone days our body and brain would start preparing to sleep as exposure to the blue light diminished with the approaching dusk. This would give us a nice sleep. But now, since our eyes are being constantly exposed to bright light coming from smartphones and other mobile devices our mind and brain get confused and this makes it difficult for us to fall asleep. But according to the study mentioned above, even the presence of smartphones and other mobile devices in the bedroom can disturb the sleeping pattern of your kids.

Most of the kids who use a smartphone in the room have a disturbed sleep during night and consequently, needed more daytime sleep. The study shows that 31.5% kids with no smartphones and mobile devices in their bedroom reported less than sufficient sleep during night compared to 45.4% who had smartphones in the room. More kids report having trouble sleeping and a disturbed sleeping pattern when they have a smartphone within their sleeping environment.

Although the study is ambiguous about why the sleeping pattern is disturbed when kids have a smartphone in the bedroom, it is quite logical. The first reason is, when a smartphone is in the bedroom, it is very difficult to resist it. Even if you are not using it at a stretch, the notifications are bleeping all the time and even if you are not consciously hearing them, your brain does. This audio data is constantly filling up your brain with junk. Of course there can be millions of electromagnetic waves that are bombarding your smartphone and nobody know what sort of effect they are having.

Smartphones are becoming indispensable and it makes no sense to take them away but as they become an integral part of our lives, we will learn to work around them rather than letting them destroy our health. Kids should learn to follow a routine. They should know that beyond particular hours they shouldn’t use their smartphones and mobile devices. The problem is not with the gadgets that we have, the problem is we haven’t yet learned how to use them in an efficient manner.

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