A smart nano pill that helps you control your diet

Nano pill that helps you control your diet
Nano pill that helps you control your diet

What about swallowing a nano pill that helps you control your diet? It’s not that it will stop you from reaching out to your favorite cake, pastry or the rich pizza dripping oil. It will not even change your taste buds so that suddenly you stop disliking junk food. Once you have swallowed it, the nano pill will analyze the gases inside your stomach that may eventually help you control your diet. The nano pill could potentially help find the solution to the gut problems faced by many patients. However, at least in the short-term, patients should continue to search colonoscopy Sydney until the uses of the nano pill become more clear.

The various gastro gases inside your stomach reveal a lot about what you have been eating and what sort of gases the foods have been creating. According to this Mashable report, the researchers at the Centre for Advanced Electronics and Sensors in Melbourne have developed a non pill that can analyse intestinal gases and experiments on animals have already been carried out to know the impact of fibres. The food you eat or don’t eat can produce all sorts of intestinal guesses and in turn these gases can cause colon cancer, irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel diseases, just to name a few. If you can control your diet by knowing what sort of foods you should be eating or avoiding, you can prevent many life-threatening ailments.

Once the data has been obtained it can tell you what sort of food you should take in order to control your diet and improve your health.

Your gastroenterologist currently uses a breath test that helps him know what sort of gases are making inside your body and it helps him or her draw a clear picture of what you have been eating or not eating. But this is often not a reliable diagnosis. The nano pill will reach exactly where the gas is produced and obtain the data from there.

It uses an assortment of sensors that helps measure the gas-type and concentration inside your gut. Then the microprocessor that is attached to the nano pill sends the data to a transmitter and the transmitter further delivers the data right to your mobile phone.

It’s a nano pill that helps you control your diet, but doesn’t it get digested?

The acidic juices inside our stomach are quite strong but the sensor of the nano pill are protected by a membrane that allow the gases to permeate and reach the sensors, but protects them from being ingested. What about the dangers of ingesting a battery? The battery that is attached to the nano pill is made of silver oxide, which can be digested without harming your stomach.

Although the nano pill is being developed to create technology that helps analyse the constituency of your stomach and nip many problems in the butt, but eventually it will also be able to help you control your diet by suggesting which foods are good for your body and which ones give you bad gas.

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