The smart bedside clock called REMI can help kids sleep better

bedside clock to help kids sleep better
bedside clock to help kids sleep better

There are many kids who have trouble sleeping. Parents are constantly looking for something that can help kids sleep better whether it’s telling them stories, buying them the best twin mattress that they can find for them, going through particular routines for a better sleep schedule, even looking to add dreamy nursery wall decals in order to make them feel sleepy, or stopping them from using smartphones and tablets before going to bed. A Paris-based start-up company called UrbanHello has created a smart bedside clock that can help kids sleep better. They call it “the new child sleep companion”.

The bedside clock can perform various functions according to the age of the kid who needs to learn to sleep better. It can help kids decide when to go to bed and when to wake up and when to simply lie and let sleep do its job. They may get interested in Sleep Statistics the longer that they use this product, too. For very small babies, this bedside clock can also act as a baby monitor.

Here is a video introduction of the bedside clock that helps your kids sleep better:

Why do you need a bedside clock to help kids sleep better?

Kids are very hyperactive these days. Parents keep busy lives and they cannot monitor every activity of their kids and this means irregular meals, overexposure to TV and digital devices and overindulgence. By nature, kids are rebellious so they don’t easily listen to their parents. An interactive bedside clock on the other hand can help kids sleep better by becoming their companion rather than someone who gives them commands.

The bedside clock uses visual cues to tell kids whether they should keep on sleeping or get up. When the clock by the bedside has a sleepy face, it means it’s time to sleep. When the clock is awake and smiling, it means it’s time to wakeup.

How does the bedside clock REMI help kids sleep better?

REMI the bedside clock calculates in the morning how well your kids slept. The clock calculates a sleep score that enables you to progress your kids’ sleeping pattern and make changes accordingly. The bedside clock further helps kids sleep better by maintaining a regular sleep log that can help you understand how to create a conducive environment that can help your kids sleep better.

The bedside clock can play bedtime stories and your kid’s favourite songs that you can store in REMI. The bedside clock can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker so that you can stream sleepy music from your smartphone or tablet.

The bedside clock REMI has been designed by a couple with two children and they were constantly trying to figure out ways that could help their kids sleep better. After creating a device that helped them keep in touch with their grandparents, they designed REMI, a “100% customizable baby monitor, alarm clock and music player for kids, specifically designed to help parents to monitor and improve their babies sleep, and young kids to settle healthy bedtime and morning routines.”

Will REMI the bedside clock immediately help kids sleep better?

It will evolve. It is not a device that will immediately help your kids fall asleep. It will help you track their progress. Using the data gathered by REMI, and using it as a tool to be there with your kids even when you need to be away or in another room, you can create a fruitful routine and activities that help kids sleep better.

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