A smaller version of your bigger phone called Talkase

Talkase instruments
Talkase instruments

As the smart phones grow bigger and bigger using them as phone instruments is getting to be an annoyance especially when it comes to carrying them in your hand, pocket or a small pouch. The main utility of a big-screen smartphone is its ability to enable you to surf the Internet and use the plethora of applications available. Bigger phones have been in the market for a long time but ever since the arrival of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus the problems associated with using bigger phones have come to the fore in spite of many benefits of using such phones.

If you would prefer an instrument just for making and receiving calls, perhaps you would like to try Talkase. It’s an instrument that almost looks like a pocket calculator and for the time being you can attach its receiver to your iPhone and then use this pocket calculator-type instrument remotely. It brings you the best of both worlds. People normally don’t want to use bigger phones to make and receive phone calls but they don’t have an alternative because it rarely makes sense to carry 2 different phones. Talkase enables you to use your existing large phone as a small phone. The video embedded below will explain to you the concept:

This product right now is being funded through the Kickstarter website.

As you can see in the video, the entire set comes with a case that you have to put on your existing phone. Once the case has been put, you need to insert the card that comes with the package. This card helps your smartphone get connected with the Talkase instrument. Once it’s connected, you can leave the bigger phone anywhere in the vicinity or in your bag and then keep the Talkase with you in order to make and receive phone calls. The phone instrument is so small that you can easily keep it even in your wallet.

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