A smaller iPad, iPad Pro 9.7 inch may have a smart keyboard and Apple Pencil

Smaller iPad Pro 9.7 inch
Smaller iPad Pro 9.7 inch

Is Apple done with the larger iPad Pro that was 12.9 inches? I wonder how they come up with these numbers: I mean, why have a 9.7 inch iPad instead of a 10 inch iPad or even in 9 inch iPad? What is so special about an iPad Pro that is 9.7 inch or 12.9 inch? Adrian Monk would have lots of problem with these numbers.

Anyway, according to this 9to5Mac post, the smaller iPad, which will also be called iPad Pro, will be launched in the upcoming March 15 Apple event and soon after that, they will start shipping the new smaller iPad by March 18.

Although they will be releasing a smaller iPad Pro, it may have the same technical specifications as its bigger brother. The 9.7 inch iPad Pro may have 4 GB RAM, 4 speakers and support for Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil (for Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard you will need to shell out extra cash).

An upgrade might be that the previous bigger iPad Pro had 8 MP rear-facing camera but the smaller iPad may have 12 MP rear-facing camera. You will be able to shoot 4K video with the smaller iPad.

It will be powered by the A9X chipset. Apple is also preparing a smaller version of its Smart Keyboard cover attachment for the 9.7 inch iPad Pro.

So why this quick switch from the bigger tablet to a smaller tablet? Companies are forgetting that when people purchase tablets like the iPad or even the Samsung Galaxy Tab, they’re not exactly looking for a PC or laptop experience. They want the power, but they are also looking for portability. You should be carry along your iPad Pro in a smaller bag. You should be able to quickly take it out and start working. You don’t want to tag along this big piece like the 12.9 inch iPad Pro that, although gives you lots of screen space to work on, defeats the entire purpose of having an iPad.

The credit goes to Apple for understanding that there is still ample space for smaller smartphones and tablets. Samsung ushered in a new era of bigger smartphones and tablets but not everybody is looking for them. Personally for me, a tablet should be slightly bigger than a big smartphone, and not more. I should be comfortably able to hold it the way I can hold my smartphone.

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